Sunday, December 15, 2013

Children's Christmas Pageant

Today the children of our church put on a “Christmas Around the World” Christmas play.  It was a wonderful treat!  My youngest daughter Lia, participated with a speaking role as well as singing as an angel.  Philip has still been reluctant to go into our church sanctuary because of the way the room echoes sound and bothers his ears.  The director of the pageant, Sarah Russo, was kind enough to find a way for Philip to participate.  She called me a few weeks ago to see if Philip would like to participate by writing a poem for the program.  Philip agreed.  This is what he wrote:


I love Christmas
Time to accept a precious gift
A Savior around the world
King of Kings
Our Lord forever
He is Jesus. 

I love how Philip reminds me of the heart of Christmas.  I often get carried away with the stress of putting on the “perfect” Christmas.  The truth is, Christ has already made it perfect by being the perfect gift to the world.  The King of Kings, Emmanuel “God with us”, came down to earth to live among us, to heal us, to teach us, and to atone for our sins.  Like a child on Christmas morning, we only need to receive Him to experience the real joy of Christmas.   

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