Monday, February 17, 2014

Presidents Day Essay

(Written by Philip after doing Brain Pop lessons on Barack Obama and FDR)

Presidents have a big responsibility.  Some presidents have done right for our country.  Some govern ahead of their time.  One president was FDR.  He had to lead our country out of Depression and the World War.  He aimed to create jobs to end unemployment.  He astutely allied with nations to end a war.  He gave people savings for seeing through retirement.  No president ever had to do so much.  He is an inspiring lame man too.  Though he was paralyzed, he was a great leader.  I am impressed with FDR.

What qualities make a good president?

I think a good president should be a good leader, honest, each day a good example, thinks independently, no problems via someone underestimating him, into serving people, some luck (“How so?” So he gets his way.  Lincoln was lucky to get his amendment passed before the South came back.), each day guided by God.  

Today is Presidents Day and the first day of the week-long mid-winter break.  We had a nice day going to Dave and Buster's for lunch with Kaylie and her mom and sister and then to a family friend's house to hang out and play the Beatle's Rock Band video game.  Philip played the drums and did some singing into the microphone.  He also wrote back to his friend Aidan in Louisiana.  It was a fun-filled day!

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