Sunday, July 20, 2014


Today Philip and I discussed how some changes happen in society.  We contrasted revolutions and grassroots movements.  Revolutions are marked by a sudden change in power in which the powers that be are replaced by another power at the top, often by violent means.  The Bolshevik or Communist Revolution which overthrew the last tsar, is an example.  It's leader Vladimir Lenin, a politician of noble background, was moved by Marxist theory, but he himself was not from the labor class of which he claimed to speak for.  In contrast to revolutions, we looked at grassroots movements, an example being the Civil Rights Movement lead by Martin Luther King Jr.  Grassroots movements are distinctly different because they are formed from the bottom up rather than top-down.  Philip summed it up best by writing with his letterboard, "It is daring by the oppressed."  In grassroots movements, ordinary people come together to influence the change they believe in whole-heartedly, without concern of power or position.  Their passion comes from truly wanting to better the lives of others.

On the topic of change, Philip wrote:

I want to each day so care for each Autistic by establishing RPM as the standard method going to school. Right now the standard is remedial work.  It otherwise is ABA.  ABA is too repetitive and boring.  No demands are made on our intellect, only on our uncooperative bodies.  I escaped this model of education. RPM teaches me something new daily.  RPM is day to day meaningful learning and communication.  I am now in a generation of so-called non-verbals who come to learn RPM to talk with a letterboard.  You should dare to listen to us.  We are not deceitful.  Instead we are really kind and caring.  We are trying to help each other.  You really show care when you dare to meet us where we are learning notable RPM.  


An outing with Tito Mukhopadhyay during Soma's RPM Workshop in Buffalo.  Many families and professionals were able to learn RPM for their children and clients for the first time.  The kids participating were able to show everyone how smart they are!

                                                            Philip and Tito


  1. I really love Phillips forward thinking, insightful message. He IS a new generation of so called non-speaking; a generation that can be empowered if only we listen! It would be great if ABA practitioners; or any well meaning provider, would listen to the Subject Matter Experts like Phillip and adjust their approach going forward - integrate their feedback and become a partner in their growth.

    1. Thanks for your comment Christie! I am starting to see Philip's vision catching on with educators slowly but surely. It is very exciting! During our workshop with Soma last week we had a school principal, a BCBA (ABA provider), speech pathologist, and special education professor, among many parents, attend. Hopefully this will continue to snowball until all Autistics who stand to benefit from RPM and similar techniques are reached.

  2. I love reading your (Philip's) eloquently written thoughts. Keep writing Philip. You inspire me. Love u. I hope one day my son would be able to express his thoughts just like you.


  3. You ARE INSPIRING. I'm so grateful and glad that you have a voice. <3