Monday, January 12, 2015

Ask Philip

For those of you who don't already know, Philip has a Facebook page in which he writes shorter "status updates" than the ones here on the blog.  You can reach his page at

Over the weekend he wrote this update: I pour my heart out in my blog. I put lots of thought into what I write. Please write me about your questions. I would like to answer them. 

So we invite you to ask Philip your questions here or his Facebook page by leaving a comment.  He may not be able to get to them right away, but he wants to try his best to help others understand autism and what it is like to live as he does.

Philip answered 2 questions over the weekend.  

SC writes: Philip, my son 8 year old son Ryan and i have been doing RPM for over a year now. He is doing very well, but he does not seem to enjoy lessons with me as much as I would hope. Lately, I have been having to pick him up to bring him to the table for our lessons. He still does well with the lessons and spelling, but he always points to the timer or tries to escape. Do you have any suggestions on how to encourage him to want to do the lessons with me?

to ms. c, a lot of times my mom has to push me too. i can be not wanting to do work, caring instead to stim. but i am happy she pushes or i would not be where i am today. can you make a lesson on something keanly related to his interests or people who are inspiring? people who inspire me are malala, scientists, presidents, and autistics like ido and naoki. i hope i am able to help. from, philip

LC writes: Love your blog, Philip, and I read it religiously. Thank you for inviting questions...i know you put all your heart into your blog, and I know how much work it takes to type/point each letter of the alphabet, so I always hesitate to ask questions of my autistic heroes (Yourself included). But here is one: what sorts of things might help integrate your senses to facilitate learning? For example, Sydney Edmond uses Irlen lenses, several students have a preference for one color letter board over another color, one friend of mine can be calmed by the smell of lavender essential oil. Am I making a mistaken assumption here that colors and scents help integrate senses? Or are they merely a way to calm an overwhelmed sensory system?

to ms. c, i am answering from my own experience. my senses work without stopping. i do not need integration of my senses. my hearing is too much. i listen well and can locate voices even when mixed. i get a little overwhelmed. i can hear in the next room. i hear noise always. it makes me move to block out noise. the people whom i learn from best let me stim. kind easing talking puts me at peace. i think i have normal sight but i each day get attracted to certain objects and get distracted. for example each day when i see a straw i have to pick it up and twirl it. i mean to make each distraction less. some nice sensations like music, exercise, and water help calm me. i like to smell nice soap. i like a time to teach you about me. from, philip

When asked about whether different colored letter boards helped, Philip replied on his letter board: SOMETIMES I WOULD LIKE TO USE A BLUE LETTERBOARD BECAUSE IT IS MY FAVORITE COLOR. (Btw, he does not have a blue one, but maybe he will get one for his birthday. -Lisa)

Getting ready to go sledding in Angel Fire, New Mexico


  1. Dear Lisa and Philip,
    I do not have a question, but just a comment. This blog is such a remarkable and beautiful thing for you to do. I hope you understand how much happiness and peace you bring into the lives of other families and of other people with autism spectrum. There is so much good that is done just by helping people understand each other. You are both truly amazing people with such good hearts. Bless you both, and thank you for brightening the world as you do.
    -Jennifer G.

  2. Philip, I am a 16-year old with high-functioning autism and Asperger's. My question for you is: How do you get around school? Have you made any friends? Do you have any advice for me?