Monday, February 23, 2015

My Trip to Dominican Republic

By Philip

I went on a tour of the Dominican countryside. Lots of things were learned. I enjoyed it. We rode a packed tour bus that was open to the air. We rode on many dirt roads.

Mom went horseback riding.

We learned about coffee and chocolate at Maria’s farm. We sampled some. We saw their house. It was tiny and pink. A lot of houses are tiny and colorful. I am awed by people not reacting poorly each day to not being rich. I think people are happier here.

I saw a cigar factory. I saw a sugar plantation. I saw how they squeeze cane juice out. They use a machine now. But a long time ago they used oxen. 

Lastly, we visited a cave. It was interesting. 

I liked acting like the Taino Indians.

The tour guide Sammy was lot of fun. I loved the opportunity to learn about the Dominican Republic. People are loving, appreciative, and fun to be around. I would like to visit again. Peace I think is more prevalent here.


  1. Philip, I'm so thrilled that you chose to share your vacation with us! I think traveling is one of the best things you can do to learn about the world. But then I'm a little addicted! Even though I don't comment all the time, here, I always read and I'm so happy to cheer you on from afar!!

  2. What an amazing trip Philip! Thanks, as always, for sharing your experiences with us and giving us a first-hand glimpse of this wonderful place!!

  3. it was a exciting trip for this country can be :)