Tuesday, September 29, 2015


By Philip

I love being with autistics and neurotypicals who get me. I had a good time at Autcom. Many like-minded people were there, sharing their views about autistics’ perspectives. Seeing so many (people) daring the current mainstream ideas about autism was medicine to me. I had meaningful interactions with Casey, a music therapist. I learned I could make my body control better by assuming a steady rhythm to my movement. I also needed to think about my body's position to move more appropriately. I loved that Casey treated me with care and kindness. I am so glad I am making autistic friends too. I got to meet Graciela in person. She is nice to talk to. People were so understanding. I am meaning to fear people less but sometimes I got overwhelmed and had to escape. No one judged me harshly. I am making an effort to carry the lessons learned and memories of friends made with me to strengthen me in life. Making friends makes me overjoyed. Many thanks to all who made Autcom a fantastic experience. Mom, I love you for taking me.

 Philip and Mom

Larry Bissonnette and Philip  
(A dynamic duo)

Casey and Philip taking a selfie

Casey helping Philip become more aware of his body in space

 Two bloggers:
Emma (of Emma's Hope Book) and Philip

Philip and Graciela ("a perfect friend")

 Enjoying Jennifer's music.  She can play anything she hears!

 Philip and Kaylie ("another perfect, true, constant friend and good classmate")

Philip and Lola ("caring and loving")

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  1. For me there is nothing more fascinating than music. Have you ever play any instruments? A metronome and practice very slowly is the key to learning to play anything to know the musical notes. It is also an excellent way to train motor skills.

  2. Philip you are a gifted writer. I learned a lot from reading your blog. God bless you and your family.