Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Awareness of Autism Through Our Voice

Guest Blog by Rohit Dixit 

I have noticed these days having autism is no big thing. Today everybody knows about it. But at the same time I am not surprised there are some people who are ignorant to the fact that they think they are perfect. But nobody is perfect in this world. Some people think they can do anything without anybody's help. But they are wrong. They are the one who need most of the help to behave in a society where you encounter all kinds of people.

I wonder how the rest of the world is treating autism! I read an article from an Indian newspaper that children are not getting the help and services they require because of inadequate training and awareness. The world needs to know how important the awareness is. Awareness doesn't just come from reading articles, books, films and other medias. One should empathize by feeling the inner emotions of the persons who have autism and the people and parents who live with them to help in their day-to-day routine. 

I am not saying that all people are that bad. There are people who are kind and want to help. But they don't try to understand or sense the deeper feelings of the person with special needs.  I am so thankful to my parents for helping me find the right tool so that I can get my voice heard through typing.

Over the years I have been writing to tell that eventually it is our voices that can bring awareness into this world. It's not just me. There are many like me who are also working hard to get their voice heard through their writings.

My name is Rohit Dixit, I am 20 years old with autism. I love to write articles on current affairs and shorts stories. My dream goal is to become a journalist.  Please check out my blog. I appreciate any comments and suggestions. www.autismfunstories.wordpress.com.

Thank you.

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