Thursday, November 28, 2013

Philip's Thanksgiving Letter

Dear Family,
I am thankful for autism.  I am not depressed about it much. Autism is an ear for God's word and an appreciation of nature and a rational thinking pattern.  I am thankful for Soma.  I am thankful for having a voice.  I am thankful for each of you for rare support of me.  I am thankful for my mom and dad.  I am thankful to God for opening me up to the world.  Your saving me from silence is more ropes to heaven.  I am each day thankful God answers one's prayers.  I am only a teacher to ones that accept me as I am.  I am thankful for more attention to each day satisfy my one aim to teach others about autism.  

*Philip spoke this with his iPad voice before our Thanksgiving meal as people shared what they were thankful for this year.

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