Friday, April 24, 2020


I want to learn to handwrite. For most people this seems like it is so easy. Learning to write is very hard to do because my body is so apraxic. I mean to move one way but my nerves are all miswired. I mean to make my hand go right but instead it makes a movement to grab. I try to lift my hand but it just keeps going. Learning to get my body to learn new skills takes so much of my energy to accomplish. I get afraid I will never succeed. I get discouraged that all my energy will be wasted. I am worried other people won’t be patient enough to help me when my body gets crazy from the stress of making it do hard things. 

Handwriting is something I want to do so I can write my signature and fill out forms. I think writing is good for wanting to communicate if I don’t have a letter board or keyboard available. Handwriting will allow me to use my hands in another way that is acceptable. I want to be able to control my hands so I don't use them in bad ways like pinching, grabbing, or scratching people. Learning to control my hands is very hard but it will be worth it.

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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Easter Thoughts During Covid-19 Year

This Easter is going to be very different from other Easters. It is the first time we won’t go to church or eat with family other than my immediate family. I won’t see Lolo and Lola, my Uncle and Aunt, or my cousins. 

I am going to be a lot more focused on Jesus’s resurrection and victory over death. Peace is ours because nothing can defeat Jesus or those who put their faith in Him. I am going to be more careful to be thankful. I have taken so much for granted like school, seeing friends, going out to see a movie or my sister’s meets. We have had a virus take it all away. In a really short time so much has changed. No going out means lots of time to sleep, watch TV, and think about things more deeply. 

I am going to be more mindful of how Jesus beat Satan. Satan thought killing Jesus would be his victory. He would take away the disciples’ leader and throw the believers into doubt, fear, and confusion. Without Jesus the religious hypocrites would stay in power and gag all of Jesus’s teachings. But a greater power won out. God was going to win all along. Nothing could beat God whose love makes every obstacle a good thing in the end. 

Good Friday wasn’t looking good in the beginning. But Easter changed it. Right now things may look bleak. I am anxious that many will get sick and die. I am anxious about me regressing and getting worse at handling myself in society. I want to remind myself and everyone that God will win over coronavirus. Be hopeful when things look bad. In the end God will use our tragedies for good. Remember that Jesus died a cruel death on the cross, but He rose on Easter to show He has power over the greatest tragedy of all, death. 

Happy Easter! 

Painted by a family friend 

A friend's door painted in celebration

Happy Easter!!!
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