Thursday, February 20, 2020

Choosing My Path at School

I am really stressed about next school year. I have to plan my school path for transition. I am going to be an adult soon. I won’t be in school much longer. I won’t go to college because I am not getting a diploma. I am going to school for life skills. 

I am preparing for my life. I am going to have a good life doing things I care about and want to do.  I care about advocating for people to have a voice. I want to do this by my writing and by personally speaking at forums. 

At school I am facing decisions about my school program. Some say I should do more vocational training like auto shop. But I am lousy at doing skilled labor. My body is the problem and my mind is my strength. I would just get more anxious having to do things that are hard and not interesting to me.

I would like to keep learning interesting things with my mind.  I have enjoyed my electives, especially Current Events. They teach me good skills for writing and listening. I would like to continue taking electives. I am interested in more literary and social studies classes. I would enjoy those more than making crafts or putting things together. 

I am going to tell my school to please keep me in academic classes. I can always learn skills later on.