Friday, March 30, 2018

Lessons from Good Friday

I have been thinking a lot about Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. He did not have to die for us. He is a king, the most High King. He could have ruled like an earthly king but he chose not to. Jesus chose the harder way. He made himself to bear our sins. He was condemned in our place. Now our sins are forgiven if we believe Jesus.  

I am following Jesus example by trying to live my life for others. I have a hard time being with people because of my autism. I cannot talk easily and I have poor body control. My anxiety is really hard to overcome. I get nervous almost every time I am outside my home. I can be easily startled by new experiences like being lost in a new place. It can be overwhelming. 

Jesus teaches me to be brave in facing my fears and anxieties. Jesus was resolute in completing his mission to save the world. He did not let his comfort, his friends, his critics, or his fears stop him. I have a mission too. It is to make disciples of all nations. It is the same mission of all believers. I can bring this message to my readers. I can be a voice for people like me. We need the hope of God's forgiveness and new life. 

I want to accomplish God’s mission for me like Jesus did. It may cost me my comfort and my energy but I gain God glory. Good Friday is a time to remember how Jesus loved us so much he gave his life for us. 

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Can Good Come from Autism?

I am aware that autism is not a diagnosis anyone wants to receive for their child. I am telling you that my chance to make the world a better place comes from being autistic.  God has called me to be different. Many people are chosen to be different to make the world have changes that make society progress. There are many ways we can progress. We make technological, artistic, social, and economic advances. Good comes from being able to see things in a new way that makes lives better.

My mom has learned to see autism differently. When I was younger I got yelled at often about things I could not control. People thought because I could not talk and I moved in repetitive ways I was lost in my own world with no thoughts or feelings. I paid attention to everything. I waited for my voice everyday. It would not come out of my mouth. It was buried in my mind where no one could see it but God. I got very good at talking to God.

God is with me and is always communicating with me. I make free my thoughts now because God has made a way for me to communicate without my mouth. I am now able to share this with you. I am pleased that people who are unable to speak can now find a way to communicate. This is the progress I can help bring to the world.

Copyright 2018 Philip Reyes.  All rights reserved.