Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Mexican Holiday

My Family in Mexico

This year we went back to Mexico. It was awesome. This time my sister Ana joined us. She is a senior at University of Michigan.  She was able to get away from her classes. She is going to medical school in the fall. I love when she is with us. Ana is fearless in so many ways. She always talks to everyone. She is capable of many things like going on missions trips, being a leader of globe med, and getting high grades. Ana is a great sister to me.

Ana and Me

Me and My Siblings

I am lucky to have an awesome family. My family is very close. My family has fun on vacation every year. Lolo and Lola make our family close and keep us together. They are most loving and kind. My Lola makes me feel so loved and respected. Lolo is so generous. 

Lolo and Lola

My Aunt Kit and Uncle Mike are both really cool. They make vacations organized and they make lots of friends. My cousins Tommy and Roger are very playful. They follow me around so I am never lonely.  
Uncle Mike, Aunt Kit, Tommy, and Roger

My brother Carlos is fun. He is always making jokes and funny faces. He played soccer and water polo. We celebrated Carlos’ 18th birthday there. The waiters sang to him. Lia is being snobbier but I still love her. Uncle Mike’s parents also came. They are so nice and understanding. Mom and Dad make sure I can do lots of things with everyone. They took us mini golfing and swimming at the big pool and the beach. I like swimming and going to the shows. My siblings played lots of games but it is hard for me to participate in team sports. I would have liked to go see some Mexican culture like we did last year when we saw Chichen Itza. Learning about culture is interesting to me but the best thing about vacation is spending time with my family playing. 


 Carlos' Birthday

Lots of great food!

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