Monday, February 25, 2019

Dominican Republic 2019

I went to Dominican Republic for February break. I have been there once before when I was 11. I am glad we came back. I made many good memories. 

I really enjoy being with my family. They got to be more together without being busy. I like having time to get away from having to be doing jobs and keeping busy. My mom made sure we had fun things to do. My dad made sure to make rest an important part of vacation. 

Many days I swam in the pool and walked on the beach. The weather was so beautifully sunny and warm. My home is so cold for many months. It is terrific to be able to go outside to be in nature with fresh air and sun warming your body. I love being outdoors because my body feels most relaxed. I feel most peaceful.   

My cousins Tommy and Roger were there too. I like being with them. They are lots of fun. They are very entertaining. I think they are great cousins. Aunt Kit and Uncle Mike are nice.  Lolo and Lola make me always feel understood and loved. Mr. and Mrs. Gough are kind to me. Lia is my dear sister always. 

One day we went to Santo Domingo for an excursion. Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic. I enjoyed taking a tour of the first colonial city in the new world. I saw the castle of king Diego Columbus and an old fortress with cannons. I saw the first cathedral in the western hemisphere. It was very beautiful. I am glad I get to be able to be among other site seers even though I am autistic. 

I am getting to become better at traveling. Being able to see the world is really great. 

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