Tuesday, November 20, 2018

My Own Path

I have recently changed my school path from being diploma bound to life skills. I am at peace with this decision.  I tried very hard to be a regular student but it was more than what I could handle even with my supports. My autism is really my biggest hurdle. Making my body cooperate for long periods of time was more than I could manage. I fell behind in doing work and got frustrated to the point of having too many meltdowns. Learning was becoming more difficult because I tried to control my body . It took up most of my energy so that I had none left for getting educated or typing. I was starting to not enjoy school. I am really feeling more at peace making the change to life skills. 

I am still going to some regular classes. I really love Global Studies and Music in Our Lives. I will learn everything I can and do all the work I am able to do. But I won’t have to do everything if it is too much. I am in some special ed classes too. They are not a lot of work. I can still learn and become better at working on my skills. 

I am meaning to make the most of my opportunities.  I try to make myself more calm so I can participate more easily. I am forging my own path.  I think I can still make a meaningful and productive life without a diploma. I can try to enjoy my high school years more by taking the classes I really like and not worrying about meeting all the graduation requirements. I can also make friends with people more like me. I want dear teachers to keep challenging me to do as much as I can. Learning is more fun for me again.  


Keyboarding in Music in Our Lives

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