Thursday, December 8, 2016

Morning Report

Morning report is my daily routine with Mom and Lia. Every school day I listen to a Bible devotion. It helps me be at peace to hear God’s word and how I can try to use his meaningful words to help me through the day. I love to hear that God loves me and He wants me to keenly be aware of his presence. I learn that my worth is not based on what people think of me or how I act. My worth is based on being God's loved child. I am trying my best to be a good young man. I cannot always be what people want me to be. I can try to be what God wants me to be. I think what God wants is for me to be making the most of what I have been given. I have been given autism. I see and experience the world differently. I can offer the world a different perspective on things.

I search for ways to meet God daily. Sometimes He meets me in my dreams. He teaches me to be satisfied with my life as autistic. He tells me that His will always prevails. I can play a role in bringing about His will for autistics. His will is for everyone to have joy in their lives. That includes autistics.

I am trying to make a difference in the world. The world needs to be more inclusive of autistic people. People should be more compassionate and understanding. Autistic people desire the same things most people do. I desire a purposeful life. I want to accomplish goals. I want to have friends. I want meaningful communication.

My morning reports are my thoughts I have regarding God's word as it relates to my life. I am peaceful God loves me no matter how I behave. I am happy to hear God's word everyday. I learn so much wisdom for living the life I desire most.

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