Tuesday, September 29, 2015


By Philip

I love being with autistics and neurotypicals who get me. I had a good time at Autcom. Many like-minded people were there, sharing their views about autistics’ perspectives. Seeing so many (people) daring the current mainstream ideas about autism was medicine to me. I had meaningful interactions with Casey, a music therapist. I learned I could make my body control better by assuming a steady rhythm to my movement. I also needed to think about my body's position to move more appropriately. I loved that Casey treated me with care and kindness. I am so glad I am making autistic friends too. I got to meet Graciela in person. She is nice to talk to. People were so understanding. I am meaning to fear people less but sometimes I got overwhelmed and had to escape. No one judged me harshly. I am making an effort to carry the lessons learned and memories of friends made with me to strengthen me in life. Making friends makes me overjoyed. Many thanks to all who made Autcom a fantastic experience. Mom, I love you for taking me.

 Philip and Mom

Larry Bissonnette and Philip  
(A dynamic duo)

Casey and Philip taking a selfie

Casey helping Philip become more aware of his body in space

 Two bloggers:
Emma (of Emma's Hope Book) and Philip

Philip and Graciela ("a perfect friend")

 Enjoying Jennifer's music.  She can play anything she hears!

 Philip and Kaylie ("another perfect, true, constant friend and good classmate")

Philip and Lola ("caring and loving")

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Monday, September 14, 2015


I am empathetic. I can feel people's moods.  I am too sensitive. I mean to not be affected sometimes but I cannot help it. For example if someone cries by me, I cannot help but feel sad too. I have lots of anxiety when people around me are upset. It can be a burden because I feel the weight of their sadness too. I am trying to give this burden to God more. In prayer I look to God to help those who need help.

I am loving too. Opportunities to make people happy and blessed are very welcome. I look back at the times people were nice to me. I am thankful for those good memories. People need meaningful personal interactions to help them feel good about themselves. I am happy when I can help. I now blog and meet with people to light the way for others so they don't live being misunderstood by their family and community.

I am still struggling mightily. My impulses get the best of me and I hate it. Meaningless actions my body does when I am stressed leave me embarrassed and ashamed. I try to understand inside my mind firing neurons from impulses and trying to stop them with other neurons in a thinking part of my brain. Peace laces pain of real magnified mistakes from popular misconceptions of autism. Popular misconceptions cause lasting callouses that ache. I plan to break old ideas that autism means I am diseased or defective. Because of these ideas I was made to think I am not deserving of good things or meaning in my life. I became hardened to not care about my life. I am now just starting to heal. Peace comes from walking with God and making a difference in the lives of others. I am caring that others like me live free from being misunderstood.  Making search for autism causes is not helpful to those living with autism. Empathy and making communication a priority are the most important things you can give us.

Philip on the first day of 7th grade

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