Monday, February 22, 2016

Dear Friend

A Letter to Philip:

Hi Philip, 

When I read your last post "I belong" I wish so much there was a way you could tell my son, who is about to turn six, to hang in there. We've just started RPM and it's really hard for him, as ultimately I KNOW he wants to talk, emotionally he is very angry, even though we see him spelling and having great success with RPM. We have him working more on literacy lessons with the RPM, but he has really no means for functional communication. He refuses to use his ipad app, or picture cards, or even his more gestural ways of communicating recently to tell us what he wants for the day to day. Instead, he's hitting, throwing things, trying to bite us, headbutting...I wonder if you have any advice for us and him. We feel as though we're finally on the right path but it's so hard to support him when he's so angry and clearly suffering. Thank you for any advice!


Dear Friend,

I know how you feel. I was in your place before. I am telling you to never give up. I am still healing from my wounds. Pain from being talked about negatively and being treated like a pet to train still aches. I want you to know that you can make a difference in your life. Try to be forgiving to people who have hurt you. Learn as much as you can. Practice communicating through rpm daily.

Peace to my soul was being able to express my wants, needs, and ideas. When people finally listened, bad feelings began to soften and go away. It didn’t happen all at once. It took a long time to get good at ordering my thoughts. I still need time away for making my thoughts organized. I am peaceful now that I am communicating well.

At school I am treated as smart and capable. My teachers compliment me. Each day I love my day at school. I have courage now to meet more challenges. I encourage you to work hard to make regular education possible. I think education steers autistics in the direction we need to go to make our lives more happy and meaningful.



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Friday, February 19, 2016

My Trip to Jamaica

I enjoyed my vacation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The beach was my favorite. It is majestic and beautiful. I liked splashing in the water and digging in the sand. I liked the pool too. The waterslides are fun. I liked the food. I liked the steak and fresh fruit. I learned to be more peaceful swimming in the ocean. I still get nervous in the water sometimes. The vastness of the sea can overwhelm me. It makes me feel maybe I could get swallowed up by the sea. One day my parents lead me further out in the water. I was afraid but I am glad they did.  I discovered it was not so deep. I learned to try to take risks more.

 One day I went to Dunn’s River Falls. It was so awesome to experience it with all my senses. It was beautiful to see. I heard the trickling water. I felt the coolness of the water as I climbed up. I also felt good to meet a challenge. I am being braver and it makes me be happy. My courage was tested in Jamaica. I think I passed.

I am learning to let go of my fears. I am so much more at peace. Practically everyday in Jamaica I tried doing things I wouldn’t have courage to have tried before. I went kayaking twice. The first time I was anxious but the second time I was relaxed. I went on a glass bottom boat and saw coral, sponge, starfish, fish, and sea urchins. I tried snorkeling but I couldn’t get my mask on so mom let me swim off the boat. I felt peaceful trying.

I had the best time in the water. I also liked the shows. I saw a dancing show and a parade party. I am an experienced traveler now. I loved Jamaica.

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