Profiles of Autistics who Type/Point to Communicate

There are many people who communicate in ways other than speaking.  The following is just a sample of the many autistic people whose primary method of communicating is through spelling on a letterboard or typing.  Credit goes to Christine who is the author of the blog Day Sixty-Seven for collecting most of these profiles.

Click on each profile to view.

Philip's Facebook Page
Bella's Facebook Page
Hanna's Facebook Page
Ryan Curry
Kaylie's Blog
Sarah Stup
Tito Mukhopadhyay
Ido Kedar
Tracy Thresher 
Larry Bisonnette
Emma Zurcher-Long
Christopher Finnes YouTube Channel
Naoki Higashida
Jeremy Sicile-Kira
Barb Rentenbach
Baxter Wilson-Rul
Henry Miles Frost
Will Schuetze
Michael Weinstein
DJ Savarese
Carly Fleischmann
Andrew Rhea
Amy Sequenzia
Kayla Takeuchi
Peyton Goddard
Forrest Sargent 
Joey Lowenstein
Nicholas (in French) 
Danson Wambua
Michael Keller
Sydney Edmond
Ari's Blog- Pixie Perceptions 
Jamie Burke
Brayden's Blog
Paul Kotler
Andrew Simmons
Josh Berkau 
John Smyth
Tim Chan
Dillan Barmarche
Jack Allnutt
Students of Elizabeth Vosseller
Brayden's Blog
Nevaiy Barretto
Kimberly Dixon
Sarah's Facebook Page
Fox Talks With Letters
Graciela L
Life With A Boy Named Brayden
Charlie- Listen to the Mustnts
Nico Boskovic
Austin McClendon
Jordyn's Rocky Journey
Rhema's Hope
Diego Pena
Ben B.
Angel School of Barni (Hungary)
RPM with Coco
Samuel Capozzi
Kaegan Smith
Sameer Dahaar
Rishi Jena
Luke B


  1. Lisa, I love your and Philip's blog. I appreciate also how you have included links to others who type to communicate. Would you be willing to post my daughter, Kimberly Dixon's website. I know you will appreciate the spiritual aspect of her work. She has also written a book entitled Under The Silence is Me--How it Feels to be Nonverbal. It can be purchased from her Etsy store at

  2. Great list!!! So grateful to have such a valuable resource. Thank you both for being pioneers in this growing community!

  3. Fantastic list! I love seeing it grow as more and more nonspeakers find ways to communicate!

  4. I love this list, such an inspiring group! I'd recommend adding Ben B's blog - Ben is a pen pal to my son Josh and he is very inspiring and has a very unique voice.

  5. Our blog at has posts from a number of non-speakers who may not have wanted to host their own blog but are active contributors in our community!