Thursday, May 3, 2018


I feel people’s energy all the time. It comes from their emotions. I try not to let negative energy affect me but it does. Positive energy has only positive effects. I feel good when people are happy and positive around me. But I feel very bad when people are tense or anxious. It leaves me energy drained. In a place where there are lots of people, I especially get drained. I feel overwhelmed by the mass of people with so many loud feelings. They can be feelings of joy, discomfort, or even impatience. The loud feelings all mixed together in a big crowd are painful to me. I can now join in on happy group events like church and movies.  Mostly people have relaxed energies there. Some crowds are harder. When I went to my sister’s graduation at the Big House in Michigan, I could feel so much mixed energy- people were so cold, tense, but also proud. I felt sick and queasy because the energy was so loud and mixed up. I had to leave no matter how much I wanted to stay. I did better at Ana's indoor engineering ceremony. It was probably because it was warmer and people were more tired and relaxed by the afternoon. 

People may wonder if they can control their energy transmitted to someone like me. Yes they can.  If I am causing you stress, you can choose to let your anxiety show or you can show compassion. You may lower your voice and calm down by slowing down. Be patient and tell yourself that making a person feel loved is the most important to helping us feel regulated. It means a lot when people decide to be positive and loving. 

At Albright-Knox Museum

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