RPM Providers/ Support Groups

Please click names to go to their websites.  This is not a complete list.  Disclaimer:  Listings were obtained from an on-line RPM support network which is not affiliated with HALO.   For a complete list as well as certification status, please contact HALO.

Soma Mukhopadhyay- HALO Clinic, Austin, TX
Creator of Rapid Prompting Method (RPM)
email: information@halo-soma.org
(866) 465-9595

Erika Anderson and Amy Campbell- ACE Teaching and Consulting, Green Bay, WI
Erika Anderson- B.A. in Education with a Minor in human development. Completed HALO's 3 year apprenticeship with Soma earning the highest certification available, level 3 certified RPM provider.  
email: ace_rpm@yahoo.com 
(920) 884-2990

Jackie Dorshorst and Andrea Dorantes- RPM+ for Autism and Other Disabilities, Waukesha, WI
Jackie Dorshorst is a Speech/Language Pathologist and owner of RPM+ for Autism.  20+ years experience working with children with a variety of disabilities and within the school districts.  Certified RPM provider. 
Andrea Dorantes- Masters in Special Education, Soma trained
email: jackie@rpmplus.onmicrosoft.com
(262) 894-0928

Lenae Crandall- Hope, Expression, and Education for Individuals with Severe Disabilities (HEED), UT
Certified Special Education teacher with severe/profound emphasis; and worked in a special school for children with disabilities since 2009 with 3rd to 9th grade students. Completed Soma RPM Course 2013. Interned with Soma.
email: lenae.crandall@gmail.com
(801) 850-7100

Shannon Zish - Unspoken Thoughts, LLC, Washington DC Metro Area. 
Shannon completed her RPM course in 2014 after using RPM to homeschool a teenager for a year. Shannon has her MA in Applied Developmental Psychology, has completed her BCBA coursework, and has completed training in TEACCH, DIR/Floortime, and RDI.
Email: contact@UnspokenThoughtsLLC.com
Website: UnspokenThoughtsLLC.com

Masters in early childhood development with 35+ graduate hours in counseling and play therapy. 20+ years experience working in the field of developmental disabilities. Began using RPM in 2014 and completed Soma's course in 2015. Since then, I consult with her about 6 times a year for feedback and support.
(704) 999-9867
email: mwhite2929@gmail.com

 “Empowering families to become their own experts about their child’s potential.”
4530 Walney Road, Suite 203
Chantilly, VA 20151

Lisa Reyes- HOPE RPM
Buffalo, NY
Medical degree from SUNY-Buffalo, mom of Philip.  Began using RPM 2012 and completed Soma's course and certification to practice RPM in 2015.  
Email: Lisa@hoperpm.com

Amanda Bequest- Milwaukee, Pewaukee, WI
Special ed. Teacher for Milwaukee public schools. Working with children doing rpm- Soma course 7/14. 
email: bequestaj05@gmail.com

Alyssa Purdue Cincinnati, OH
Speech therapist, Soma course 4/14
email: lysmil4@gmail.com

Katie Anawalt, M.S.CCC-SLP- Burbank, CA
Speech therapist, Soma-certified
email: kda.wapadh@gmail.com

Brianne Devine- New York, NY
Soma certified.

Michelle Lofton, M.Ed- Brookhaven, MS
Soma trained
(601) 757-3676 

Joanne Bello- Boca Raton, FL
20+ years early intervention behavior specialist, shadow in inclusion setting
Soma intern
email: joannebello@aol.com

Unlocking Voices/ Sue Finnes, Alexandra Hopwood- United Kingdom
Sue Finnes- Parent, organizer.  Soma course 4/14
Alexandra Hopwood- Qualified teacher doing RPM sessions with different students. Interning with Soma 
email: Unlockingvoices@outlook.com 

Nydia Celina Viloria- San Diego, CA
Experienced parent willing to take other students- not certified.
Bilingal- English/Spanish
email:  celinaviloria@gmail.com

Local RPM Support Groups

Buffalo RPM-  Buffalo, NY
Lisa Clinton
Laurie Bernstein
Organizes workshops, support groups, social outings, and communication groups

DC Metro Area RPM Parent Group (Northern Va, DC, MD)
Elizabeth Vosseller- evosseller@gmail.com

Wisconsin RPM Group
Jennifer Bertram- cabjlb@aol.com

Northern VA (Chantilly, VA) Parents Only RPM Support Group. Parents & individuals in their support network meet monthly at Wings to Fly Therapy & Play Center to continuously improve their ability to use RPM & support each other in their efforts to communicate with their child. 
Contact: donna@wingstoflytherapy.com. 703-466-5533.

United Kingdom
Unlocking Voices- Using RPM Community Interest Company
Sue Finnes, Alexandra Hopwood, Penny Kay, Karen Jennings – all work regularly with Sue’s son Christopher and have organised two UK Soma workshops.  UK centre conducting monthly Saturday RPM sessions in Sutton Coldfield, West Mids for existing RPMers and new students. Facebook group to support parents learning RPM.
Sue and Alex attended the Soma RPM course in April 14.
Alex (who is also a qualified primary school teacher) has been accepted for an internship with Soma : Sept-Dec14. She has been seeing many families in the UK building up her experience working with a range of children/young adults in readiness for this.


  1. How Can I Learn and Teach My daughter RPM, I am desperate and she is very frustrated unable to communicate with us. I live near Buffalo NY

  2. I have the same question - I am in NJ though unfortunately. I saw these books on Amazon - any recommenedations? https://www.amazon.com/Developing-Communication-Autism-Prompting-Method/dp/1478713135

  3. Hi
    We live in Portland Oregon. Are there any RPM providers in this area. Would like to use this with my 11 year old ASD son. He is very minimally verbal. Thanks

    1. Hi Lakshmi, your best bet is to join the group Unlocking Voices- Using RPM on Facebook. Click on photos and find the album for Oregon. There should be Oregon families able to point you to a provider or group there. There is an RPM blogger named Niko Boskovic from Oregon who you can contact as well. Best wishes! You are doing right by your son to try RPM!