Friday, April 24, 2020


I want to learn to handwrite. For most people this seems like it is so easy. Learning to write is very hard to do because my body is so apraxic. I mean to move one way but my nerves are all miswired. I mean to make my hand go right but instead it makes a movement to grab. I try to lift my hand but it just keeps going. Learning to get my body to learn new skills takes so much of my energy to accomplish. I get afraid I will never succeed. I get discouraged that all my energy will be wasted. I am worried other people won’t be patient enough to help me when my body gets crazy from the stress of making it do hard things. 

Handwriting is something I want to do so I can write my signature and fill out forms. I think writing is good for wanting to communicate if I don’t have a letter board or keyboard available. Handwriting will allow me to use my hands in another way that is acceptable. I want to be able to control my hands so I don't use them in bad ways like pinching, grabbing, or scratching people. Learning to control my hands is very hard but it will be worth it.

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  1. Go for it, Philip! If you feel motivated that is all you need to try this. Thanks for sharing.