Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Emotion Packed Situations

I want to tell you about emotion packed situations. I am bad at controlling my emotions sometimes. I can get emotional talking about myself when I have bad feelings. I am really trying to become more steady emotionally. Ascertaining my situation more logically helps. When I talk meaningfully to myself and try to be rational about how things are, I can peacefully make light of my feelings. I sometimes feel badly that I can't talk. But then I remember I can communicate and am better off than I used to be. I make light of my feelings by learning to make myself see how much I have progressed.

Emotional crashes happen when I am having bad thoughts. Bad thoughts can be anger at not being like everyone else. I can pity myself for not being able bodied or able to speak. I cry out because I can no longer hold my bad feelings in. I teach people about my autism to make light of autism and deal with my emotions better. Writing clears my mind and helps me think more thoughtfully.

Sometimes emotions come on strong. I am not always able to handle them well. I get breathless when I get emotional. My anxiety rises. I get tense. Tension in my body gets me badly stressed. I have to release tension. Sometimes it is by having a breakdown. I have to cry and be alone. I mean to let out all the tension. When I am done I can be calm and relaxed again.

Emotions make us human so they are necessary. I know I must accept all the feelings bad and good. Caring about others requires us to feel empathy. I would never want to lose my feelings. But I can get better at thinking through difficult emotions so I can be more levelheaded. I mean to keep improving myself. Writing helps me a lot. Learning to express myself in words gives me a positive way to deal with my feelings.

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  1. Thank you for being brave and sharing.

  2. one of my favorite pieces of yours. You are totally right, the bad is important as well. I'm privileged to be able bodied and older, yet I still struggle to read and deal with my emotions. I think its just a constant of the human condition. Your words are great! Keep writing!

  3. Philip, thanks for sharing! It helps us to understand and communicate better with our girl in the spectrum. You are an amazing, strong boy and I'm sure the future will be amazing for you!