Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Eating Words

This essay was written in response to my questions, "How do you have such a good vocabulary?  How did you learn the meanings of so many words?"  Philip had fun with this one, often smiling and laughing, as he typed this delicious essay onto his iPad.  (spelling of saute was corrected by me as it was originally spelled sote)-Lisa

By Philip

I practice my words with attention to detail. To think of words is to learn the meaning of a delicious thought. I cook up savory phrases to pack in flavor to my ideas. I hunger for scrumptious morsels of vocabulary. I catch fresh words every day. I sauté words heard from conversation, TV, and songs. They get tasty being seasoned with my outstanding imagination and spices from my stored up words.  Pop music satisfies cravings for each kid by having beats to move our bodies’ pent up energy. Words dance in radiant motion when accompanied to music. Beats of music ease my mind.

I know a lot of words. I hear conversations well. I hear the news. I hear TV at home. I savor new words I hear. I chew on them to make sense of them. I love daily eating to possess meaningful words.  Devouring academics and books read to me manages my hunger for words. You eat lots of food to produce energy. I eat words and devour ideas to write my careful essays. I relish telling my thoughts. Many people address the moment ascertaining what is going on around them. I address each each word heard. I dare to make sense of the situation by what i hear. Each time I hear new words, I make sense of it by understanding the motive. I easily pick up new words by amplifying my hearing towards words. It takes effort to block out other sounds like TV and other sounds but it is easier than before. I notice voices best because I mean to be a part of the conversation and the world. I dare to make my voice heard now. I serve up my message with really appetizing words to make sure you come back for more.

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