Monday, July 6, 2015

I Can Bike

By Philip

I have a new hobby. It is riding my bike.  I learned at a bike camp last week by I Can Shine. It was so awesome. I am mastering things I never thought I could do. At camp, I started on a roller bike. I learned to pedal without worrying about losing my balance.

I then got to ride a tandem bike. It was fun. 

I Can Shine bike camp had many very cool volunteers. They made me feel each day I could accomplish more than yesterday. They got me to finally ride a two-wheeler. It was scary at first but I got better.  I am so glad I went to camp. Riding a bike is fun.

Mom got me a great bike. It is my favorite color blue. It is a beach cruiser style. I love riding around the block. It is now my favorite thing to do. I feel so happy. I am grateful for I Can Shine camp.   

Copyright 2015 Philip Reyes.  All rights reserved.


  1. Dear Philip,

    We have many friends like you that cannot speak but are learning to communicate. We are so blessed to be part of your story.

    Congratulations on learning to ride a two-wheeler! What an awesome accomplishment! We are so glad you came to iCan Bike camp and left a bike rider.

    Thank you for sharing your journey to biking. You are inspiring other children to try new things and believe in themselves. Thank you for this precious gift you are giving to the world.

    Much love,
    iCan Shine

  2. Wonderful! I think that riding a bike is an excellent motor skill, and given how much more mainstream bicycles are appearing as transportation, I am grateful to have learnt how to ride them.

    I remember when I was learning to ride a bike, with my whole family, in the empty high school parking lot during summer mornings.