Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

By Philip

I am excited for 2016. I want it to be the best year yet. I am making an emancipation of my nonverbal friends my goal. Making communication readily available to my friends is really important. I aim to educate people about autism and RPM (Rapid Prompting Method). I want to day to day meet people to show how I communicate. I am hoping to day to day make a difference in a person’s life. Mainly I am very interested in making a better world for my autistic friends. I very much want to help my autistic friends succeed. 

In my own life, I would like to meet new goals meaningfully. I want to speak more with my mouth and writing my thoughts with more people through RPM. I want to be more independent. I want to be less affected by anxiety. I want to learn to ice skate. I want to go to math class with my neurotypical classmates. I want to day to day be more able to make myself more adaptable in the world. 

Happy New Year!


  1. Hi Phillip, I have been enjoying reading your blog. I recently found you on facebook. My son, who is 23, is also non verbal. He has never been interested in communication devices. We have several. He uses sign language to communicate with me. We have never tried RPM, but have heard of it. I so appreciate your insight and hope that my sweet son finds his voice soon. Happy New Year to you and your family! Julie

  2. Julie, it's not too late!! It might appear that your son has no interest in communication devices because without help for his movement differences he can't make them work reliably to say what he truly wants to say. I guarantee he longs for a voice that allows for his full, open expression. More resources are coming! Read Philip's blog and others for insights! Together we will #rethinkautism! Casey

  3. Excellent post, Philip! It was a special year for Max and us because my family got to meet you, your parents, sisters and brother. I know that 2016 holds countless good things for you. Thanks for being so inspirational to so many of us!

  4. What great goals you have set! Keep moving forward. You are leading others and making a positive difference. Happy New Year!