Thursday, April 6, 2017

My Name is Kate

Guest Blog by Kate

April is Autism Awareness Month.  This is the time of year when people are generally more aware of Autism.  I ask that you are not just aware of Autism but that you are more sensitive towards people with Autism. Don’t assume we are weird because we are different.   Many of us are sensitive to sights, sounds and touch, my experiences are often drastically different from most people’s experiences.  In my world, sights, sounds and touch are often amplified times ten.     I try very hard to be part of your intense world, can you try to be sensitive to my world? My name is Kate, I am twelve years old and I live in California.  My favorite color is red, I love music and the Patriots.  
I wrote a few poems I would like to share with you.  The first, is a poem that describes who I am.

Amazing writer                                    
Totally sassy
Energetic and fun      

The second poem I wrote this past summer, it describes how I felt each morning before I was allowed to go swimming.   Each morning was torture, but every afternoon was pure bliss!  I hope you enjoy it, I am terribly proud of it. 


Water is my tranquility
It calms my mind, body, and soul
It is my therapy 
Then why do they torture me by making me wait and wait and wait
Oh, how that beautiful water sparkles in the warm sun
Can't they see how badly I need my fix?
Stop the torture!  I can't wait and wait and wait much longer
I need to dive into that sparkling refreshing tranquility now!
Stop the torture please!  I cannot wait and wait and wait anymore
I must be one with my pool, water is my therapy
It is finally time!  No more waiting and waiting and waiting
At last, I am at peace

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