Thursday, August 17, 2017

Summer Vacation Part 3- Outer Banks

I had an amazing time at the Outer Banks. I cannot mention everything that happened because there was so much. We went to Outer Banks to celebrate my Lolo and Lola’s 50th wedding anniversary. There were about 40 of us vacationing together. They were my mom and aunt’s families and their cousins’ families and my great aunt and uncle. A couple friends came too. We stayed at a property on the beach. It had 3 houses on it. I was meaning to get to know everyone but it is hard when there are so many people. I made the best of it by listening and hanging out. I think my extended family is a lot of good people who are loud and fun. I loved feeling loved by so many people.

Every day we had fun laughing. I learned that laughter teaches people how to relax. We laughed a lot being silly and telling funny stories. I liked listening to family banter. Talking is a form of playing for many people. I didn’t join in talking much but I quietly made myself a part of the group by hanging out. Besides talking my family played lots of games too. They played Texas Hold Em and mahjong.  I backed my parents to win but they didn't. I stayed up really late because everyone was up all night.

I liked going to the beach everyday. The beach was nice. I basked in the sun and water. I loved the sands softness and the water’s cool refreshment. The waves were rougher than in Mexico so I didn’t go in as far. But I still enjoyed it.

I made lots of good memories. I went to the sand dunes and went on a hike. I saw beautiful sunsets. I saw the Wright Brother’s memorial. I learned about the first flight at Kitty Hawk. I learned how Outer Banks used to be a remote sand bar before people built it up for tourism. 

Lolo and Lola had a big party. I was so proud of them. They have been married for 50 years. We had a surprise party where we all wore the same shirts. There was a beautiful cake. People gave toasts. Lolo gave a moving speech. I saw people cry. I think he is right about the importance of being able to get together. We later ate and took pictures.

I loved my trip to outer banks. I will always remember the good times with my family.

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