Sunday, October 8, 2017

My Family

I am very blessed by my family. My family goes to great lengths to make my life better. I would probably be in my own world if it were not for my family pulling me out of silence. The reason I can be a part of the world is because they support me. Mom is my primary helper and support. Hearing her voice calms me to be able to talk with her best. Mom is the reason I can communicate. I am learning to be able to type with others. My family is my trusted circle. I can be myself completely. I can really stim if I need to and its ok. I can practice new things with Mom. I can try things without fear of failing. My family loves me no matter what.

I love doing things with my family. My family does things together like bike rides, going to sports events, vacationing, and going to church. I enjoy my time with my family because it is fun and I can be with them making meaningful memories. I am living my best because my family makes time for me, believes in me, and acts to make my life better.

I really like going out with my brother Carlos. He takes me to high school games. I like hanging out with him and his friends. Carlos is fun. I like being around him because he makes me happy. He is very cool.

Me and Carlos going to watch a game

My sisters are nice and talk to me. They can use my letterboard with me. Lia is fun. She likes to jump on the trampoline with me. I think Ana is the smartest of my siblings. She is an engineering major and wants to go to med school. Ana is patient. She likes to talk to me when she comes home from college. I am lucky I have them. In my family I am the third child. I like being in the middle because I have older siblings to look after me and a younger one who will lag behind to be with me longer. I am an integral part of my family.

Visiting Ana in Michigan

Biking and catching Pokemon at UB

I hope to help my family more as I get older. I would like to have a job and earn some money. I hope to be a writer and teach about autism. I would very much like to be a part of my family’s business of teaching people RPM. I am glad my family gets me and includes me. They are the best.

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  1. Thank you for sharing about your family support. Glad to have found your blog. :)

  2. I am very interested in learning more about RPM. I am reading your blog from beginning to present to learn more!