Thursday, July 10, 2014

Letter to Autism Daddy

This is written by Philip to Autism Daddy in response to his blogpost, My Son with Severe Autism is Happy.  Isn't that the Most Important Thing?, a 2012 post reposted on the Autism Daddy Facebook Page today.  I have followed Autism Daddy's blog for a few years now because our sons are both the same age and are non-speaking.

To Autism Daddy,
Today my mom read your blog post to me.  You are a good dad to write about your son.  I understand you are frustrated by your son's lack of speech and progress.  Rightly so.  I am telling you tips to make his life better.  Dare to try RPM.  RPM took my mind each day and taught it to think over my stims.  I was trailing behind in my own world.  I am so happy I can day to day improve in talking now.  I cannot use my voice well.  Cannot meet normal expectations.  I feel insecure in my actions.  But I am intelligent and now I can show everyone my thoughts.  Before I could communicate, I was so frustrated with life.  I placed myself in world of my own.  I made my own rules, not caring that people would be pissed off.  I understood everything but couldn't do anything about it.  I liked to kid around with my teachers and act stupid bc (because) they treated me like an infant.  I am telling you your son is a lot smarter than you think.  I understand him bc I am intelligent and non-verbal too.  Not talking does not mean not thinking.  Would you like to be kept silent?  This is not peaceful.  This is killer pain.  I urge you to get understanding of RPM and give your son a voice.

(Autism Daddy, please check out my resource page and RPM Provider page.  I believe there is one in your area.  Philip and I would love to see you get help for Kyle to learn and communicate.  We know he can do it!)

Visiting sister's college 7/14.  I like the sign.
Video of the first couple sentences of the letter.  We started slow because Philip is beginning typing.  At the 3:30 mark we switch to pure letterboard which goes much faster.  (Video taken by 9 year old sister)


  1. Philip! You are a wonderful advocate and ambassador for RPM! Keep learning, communicating and reaching out to others!

  2. Philip I am so excited that you wrote to Autism Daddy! I hope he listens to you, that is great advice!

  3. Hi Philip! So nice to see you on the UM Diag - the University of Michigan is my alma mater and I still live in Ann Arbor, about a mile from campus. My son is a little younger than you, I think. I hope you had a nice visit with your sister! I love your writing, and your Mom's, too!

  4. Hey Phillip! Thanks for writing to me! You gave me a lot to think about...


    1. Oops. Sorry I spelled your name wrong. It's Philip with one L, right?