Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Philip's First Post

Today I will start sharing Philip's original writings.  I asked him specifically, "What should we do with your writings?"  His answer: I WANT THEM IN A BLOG.

I am posting his writings without any changes, except to capitalize the G in God.

October 30, 2013
No one marks the Christian like love. Nothing each day is needed quite like it.  Love is found in moments with each day I am asking God for opening me so much to the world.  Yesterday I was dancing to the music inside my head. I was asking God to make me begin to talk.  An angel answered I cannot make you talk.  Your mission is to help autistics.



  1. Beautiful words Phillip. Thank you for sharing. Please keep writing to help. Bless you from Rosemary

  2. I like your writing, Philip. I dance to music in my head, too!