Saturday, August 9, 2014

Video: Philip Typing About News in Iraq

Lisa: What is going on in Iraq?
Philip: In Iraq there is fighting because Muslim terrorists are openly persecuting the minorities.
L: What should we, as the US, do?
P: I think we should fight to help them.

Philip also typed today:  I want to type well because it is utilized in many situations.  Real world uses the typed word all the time.  For we come to communicate by texts, facebook, and emails.  I am now part of the digital age.

Yes you are Philip!  How exciting it is to see Philip progressing in his knowledge and skills, and becoming more and more included in the greater world.  Philip is the first to tell me he is not exceptional.  He has had the opportunity to learn to communicate because of Soma.  He now wants to make sure all those who cannot effectively speak can have the same chance to communicate through spelling and typing.  Philip wrote on his Facebook page last week:  I am not being notable being a learned kid with autism. There are many like me.  Heading to mean to rescue them from their silence.

*  For those of you wondering, Philip uses the iPad app called Assistive Express and the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard.


  1. We are so excited to see his progress. Sue keeps me updated somewhat and I've been following your posts on FB too. Kas

    1. Thanks Kas! Philip never ceases to amaze me. One day I think he will never achieve ___ (fill in the blank), and a year later, he is doing it. I have learned to never say never! I'm thrilled to share his progress with everyone and hope people who read it realize they need never to put limits on their own children.