Wednesday, August 20, 2014


By Philip

I want to type well because it is utilised in many situations.  The real world uses the typed word all the time, for we come to communicate by texts, Facebook, and emails.  I am now a part of the digital age. 

The reality is I was special to learn to type.  Mom really pushed me to practice really hard everyday. Typing is very hard.  I need to concentrate so hard placing my finger on the right keys.  I undermine typing every time I tense up.  Tension comes from going to stoop your self down to destructive stims. My title undermining stims are having to move my body and really hurling myself on the ground.  Not remembering the reason I wanted to pour my total emotions out is frustrating.  I truly irritate myself when I really lose control of myself.  I have such a hard time focusing on what I want to say.  I need someone to keep me focused to get the right word out and initiate my movement in purposeful ways. To type my real thinking I need a trusted person to encourage me through the reaching out of my words.  I think I am improving everyday with practice. 

Typing is having a voice with your really good friends writing letters and texts.  Typing is connecting with the world. Typing is touching interested people understanding autism.  Typing is God's gift to me.

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