Saturday, November 15, 2014

Meaning of Prompting

By Philip

(This essay was written in response to my question "Why do you need prompts to communicate?"  The essay was typed using Assistive Express iPad app and was in all lowercase.  My only edits were to capitalize where appropriate.  -Lisa)

Prompts are needed to help me stay on my task.  I opine this very much.  The world is very thought provoking and teaching me many lessons.  Tons of stimula compete for my attention.  That is why I have trouble focusing.  The racing thoughts in my head ram against each other and chance of getting them out is paper thin.  The art addressing the task of expressing my heard words is RPM.  My thoughts try to touch peaceful truths by easing the assaulting attacks on my senses.  To reach my thoughts RPM eases my ability to focus how I will say my thoughts. I must put teacher's voice helping me sustain my thoughts to single out above all other stimuli.  This is hard at first. I have to concentrate so hard.  I think it takes focus and energy.  People assign importance in what they can attend to but I cannot.  I take in every sensation at once.  I radically trust those people I spell each day with.  My output is really my own. Teachers do not hold my hand or move my keyboard.  I refuse to spell with anyone caught trying to influence my words.  In question is my need to have a person holding my board.  I need to have a prompt to get me started.  I need  to have someone with me going to make sure I put forth real effort in communicating.  Effort is nothing without your help because I get off topic due to stims.  I am interested in you listening to what I tell.  You reading my messaged talk means you care in deaming my word has meaning.  To teach a dear companion to spell each day is so peaceful.  A helper brings a lingering word to surface.  Without typing, my thoughts disappear.  I type about how prompts dare me to articulate my thoughts.  Prompts take my attention off the distractions.  The prompts I use most are you following clearly what I write, reading my words back, and reminding me to keep going. I ice up when there is doubt in me.  I cease to master control over lingering thoughts when I am doubted or not as used to someone's voice.  I am the best with mom.  She goes to great lengths to daily talk with me.  She watches me perfectly prompting without telling me what to write.  She is patient usually.  She teaches me many things.  She eases my fears and loneliness.  She takes me around to outings.  She finds hope in the Bible for me. 

Philip talking on his letterboard


  1. You said it so perfectly Philip! Thank you as this will greatly help me with my kids! You express yourself so eloquently and poetically in your writing, I have noticed this a lot with individuals like yourself, it is so refreshing and beautiful. We are all so blessed to read your blog, or really, to hear your voice! And it sounds like you have a pretty great Mom too ;)

  2. You express yourself very well! I really understood what you were telling me and appreciate your sharing the way you experience the world. Thank you!

  3. Thank you Phillip for helping me to understand what my son Walter is probably going through... We are not doing RPM yet... we doing a fundraiser to raise enough money to pay for our trip. I have posted a link to your blog on our fundraiser site because you explain things so great!!! we are very anxious to go see SOMA!!! Walter picked out this rhyme from a book and has been having me repeat it over and over to him. When I get to the word Hope, he stops me and lights up because he has Hope also through God's Word and He LOVES Jesus!!! Walter reads his Bible all the time and Loves for us to say God Is GOOD and Halleleujia!!! Thanks for the inspriation Phillip... I hope to talk to you some more, hopefully with stories of success like yours!!!

    1. Best wishes to you and Walter! You will LOVE Soma. Philip and I read from the Bible everyday too. His Word is our greatest teacher. GOD IS GOOD! God bless you!

  4. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Very inspiring! :)

  5. Thank you for reading my blog. It is a true honor to me for you reading my blog. -Philip

  6. This is so helpful, thank you Philip!