Friday, January 2, 2015

Theory of Everything Review

By Philip

The Theory of Everything ran too short on caring to explain Stephen Hawking's ideas and moments of seeking meaning in motor disease. I think it would have been best to have put more time into exploring into Hawking’s mind and his disease to animate his true nature.  I wish a sheer view were made into his mind to see how his mind really worked even as his body was really not cooperating. I think the wife was lonely because she was made to take care of Hawking a lot. He was a burden. Mrs. Hawking tried to load each problem on assuming Mr. Hawking didn't care he was hard to care for. Take it from me; i know it feels bad to be a burden. I think too much was made of the marriage.  My interest mainly was in his work as a scientist. I was really interested in how he operated with his disease and made peace in life. I was bored through a lot of the love parts. I liked the parts with Stephen’s professor. I would have liked to learn like him. I question Hawking's theories but I like trying to explain unifying theories too. The Theory of Everything is your typical view of Hawking's life. Next time there should be a movie based on his perspective.

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  1. Excellent points - I am looking forward to seeing the movie!