Saturday, January 17, 2015

Toilet Training Tips

Hi Philip!
I have an 8 YO son with autism too. His name is E.  E is non-verbal. And he is still not able to communicate. You inspire me to encourage him to communicate with me. Btw, are you half Filipino? I am just starting to read your blog and could not find the answer yet. But I am so excited about the things that I can learn from you. A bunch of Thank you’s for having this blog. You renewed my passion to help E communicate and all the Autism kids. Here is my question for now.
E is not potty trained yet; do you have any advice how he can learn to do it? Again, thank you.

Renton, WA

To EM,
I am half Filipino and half Mexican-American. I mean to tell you some toilet training tips. To make E try to use the bathroom, treat him like his age. I could not stand being treated like a toddler and made to pee for prizes. I did not want attention on me when I used the toilet. My mom used to do a potty song. I hated it because everyone knew I was in the bathroom. No person could train me. I did not want to be like an animal to train. Peace made a giant improvement in my toilet training. Learning going to the toilet happened for me when I was 9. Mom had started RPM lessons. She taught me about the body and how it works. I felt respected as smart and my parents loved me. I really made up my own mind to go on my own. I am the same Philip before and after communication, but I can meet my heard goals now. I wish E and you the best.
From, Philip


  1. This is the best advice on potty training that I have ever heard! Thank you Philip!