Thursday, February 19, 2015


By Philip

i watch the ocean.
a wonderfully small person am i.
people are small to the
vastness of the boastful sea.

pleading lies beneath my smile.
please don't pull me in too far.
powerful are the ocean tides. 
my strength lead astray in
a momentary panic as a
sudden rushing wave
knocks me to the sand.

i am at peace
when i feel mom watching me.
safe each time a spoken word
reminds me i am 
your son to love.

i mean to enjoy
my creator's ocean.
the awesome vastness.
amount of water infinitely
looking at me.

spanning the ocean
the sky.
talk cannot adequately
praise God's panorama.

listen to the passing wave.
it amounts to a travel
from more than a thousand miles.
each wave cadences to the rhythm
of a longing moon
alone in space.
it's pain drawing
a beautiful peaceful
montage to notice.
meaning is more fostered
in deep exploration.

i appreciate the ocean's
i am passing time
like a wave.
my life
perfected in longing.

 Philip swimming on our vacation to Dominican Republic Feb. 2015