Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Cottage

By Philip

I had a go at camping in Canada this weekend. I loved it. Peaceful and quiet it was. My Aunt Kit and Uncle Mike made our family feel so welcome at their cottage. I am thankful I got to go. Nature was all around me. I made the most of being out in nature. I marveled at God's creation. I picked wildflowers and passed many plants and trees on our hikes. I smelled the pines. I heard animals chirp, splash, and scurry. The lake was so peaceful. My anxiety melted away looking at the clear and soothing water. I am sane and calm around all of nature and peace abounds in my soul. I wish I could live a more simple life. My perfect life would be in the country. Part of me wanted to stay forever.

At the cottage I tried lots of new things. I have made more daring efforts to try new things. I went on a motorboat. Motorboats are loud but fun.  I am putting up with loud noises more so I can slay my fears away. Action packed was my weekend.  I swam, paddleboated, hiked, fished, and rode on a boat and a canoe. I also saw animals like a heron, hummingbird, loon, and a fox. I tried fishing for the first time. Uncle Mike helped me by showing me what to do.  I didn't catch anything, but it was great to try. Mastering the fear of trying new things makes me satisfied with how well I am living now. Making bolder decisions makes for a more exciting life.  I am glad I went to the cottage. It was so relaxing and fun.

 Paddle boating with Dad

Fishing with Uncle Mike

Thank you Aunt Kit and Uncle Mike for inviting us to your cottage. I really enjoyed it.

Relaxing with the Family

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  1. Philip, I was so glad to see you got out in nature and enjoyed it so much. All of our family members are campers, hikers, and love the woods! Your words made me smile. Trying new things can be intimidating at first, but it feels so great when you have done it! Good for you!

  2. Some of my favorite times in nature too!