Saturday, August 1, 2015

Peace From God

Everyday I listen to God's word. My mom reads me the Bible every morning. She reads from Lia's birthday present Jesus Calling. I really like it. Peace comes from putting into practice God's word by believing what He says. I look to God when I am momentarily anxious. He tells awesome promises that I will never walk alone. I am really comforted by answers pertaining to His love that never ends. The Master of the universe God attaches Christ to your soul if you believe. I mean to tell others this good news. When you believe in Christ, Satan has no power in your life. The best solution to anxiety is Jesus in your life. Peace be with you. 
Love, Philip

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  1. I love reading your reflections on scripture. Perhaps you should write a devotional book someday! It's a joy to know you're my brother in Christ. It has taken you few years to find the treasure that many have not found. Continue sharing the Good News. May God bless you. I'm praying for you Philip as you use your voice to encourage and educate others.