Saturday, November 21, 2015

Improving My Way

By Philip

I am peaceful today because people are treating me a lot differently than they used to. Today I went bowling with my friend Max. I was happy because Max's dad made conversation with me and made me feel I am important. He said I helped him see Max in a new light. I am doing my best to make a difference. I am pleased when I can see how I have helped.

I have heard of an interesting idea called Neurodiversity. I think it should be the new way of seeing autism. Neurodiversity is the idea that autistics have a different neurology and shouldn't be expected to become a person with a neurotypical neurology. No one can be cured of autism. Therefore we should stop making cure a goal. Instead let's try to accommodate our difficulties in communication. To continue to use therapies that don't respect our neurology such as ABA is like trying to beat a dead horse. They don't allow us to grow how a person should. Peace comes when I can see meaningful changes in my life. This year I have been able to join regular classes at school. I am proud to be able to attend because last year I couldn't because of my behaviors. Now I can handle myself much better. I love learning new and interesting things. I also can do things without as much anxiety as I used to have. I can go to crowded arenas, meet new people, and try new activities like biking and ice skating. I am still autistic 100%. But I am making progress like a human being should.

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  1. I am an autistic ENTP. To me, trying to be neurotypical is like trying to be an ISFJ. Do you know about Myers-Briggs types? You can learn about them on the 16 personalities website.

  2. Thank you for writing this! My little 3 year old has autism, and I have been getting unbelievable comments from therapists and friends because I refuse to give him ABA therapy. I am so glad you have found peace and have grown at your own pace, as you should!