Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Goes Through Good Friday

By Philip

Two days ago was Good Friday. I liked my pastor’s sermon. Each day we make God pleased and sad. We please God by our faith. We make God sad by our sin. Jesus had to suffer a terrible and humiliating death as an atonement for the sins of the world. He made a way for us to be reconciled to God. Let’s not forget that Easter goes through Good Friday. Let’s not take for granted that our new lives come from Jesus’ death. I am learning that I am loved more than I can comprehend. I am so loved.

I am trying to learn how suffering is part of God’s plan. Why must it happen? Jesus suffered a lot for us. When he died he became sin and died to God. God poured out his wrath on Jesus because he bore the sins of the world. People who look to Jesus’ sacrifice will be forgiven. I can learn to identify with Jesus by learning to be patient in my suffering. I am peaceful knowing that the Resurrection comes only after suffering. I know God so loves me. My life He resurrects to make his power known and attach us to Him eternally. I am peaceful practicing my calling in autism ministry. My suffering is not for nothing. It is being used for a greater purpose. Meaningful ministry has come because of my suffering. My autism is a mixed blessing. There are many things I cannot do. But there are things I can do because of my autism. May you see the blessings in your life that come from suffering. Happy Easter! Our Lord lives!

Our Lord Lives!

*Special dedication to KK who is getting baptized today.  KK, your life and testimony bring glory to our Lord and Savior.  God bless you! 

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