Sunday, April 3, 2016


This month we will feature writings from Guest Bloggers who are nonspeakers, unreliable speakers, or communication supporters of people who communicate through typing and spelling on letterboards.  It is exciting to see more and more people finding their voice each year through alternative methods of communication.  4 years ago, I had never heard of RPM or of nonspeaking people using effective communication.  Since we discovered RPM for Philip, we have seen and supported other families on a similar path.  Those families in turn have supported others and brought new families into the fold so that there has been an exponential growth in the number of people being freed from silence into the world where they can participate as one with a voice.  It is truly an exciting time to see a shift in our understanding of autism and how we can better support and empower the Autistic people we love.  Now I would like to introduce our first Guest Blogger, Katerina!  -Lisa 

Autism is a found treasure. If you do not examine your treasure carefully you will never see the gem you have.   My name is Katerina and I am nonspeaking. For years I was an undiscovered treasure hidden away.  RPM discovered and polished me off. It made me the shiny gem I am today. It is my passion to advocate for those gems with autism that have not been discovered yet. Please enjoy my poem, I call it “Understatement”.



To say I am determined is an understatement
Since I was a baby I was driven by determination
To say I am ambitious is an understatement
Since I was a toddler I was troubled by ambition
To say I am strong is an understatement
Since I was a child I had the strength of the strongest men
To say I don't deserve respect because I am nonspeaking
is not something someone as determined as I will ever accept
To say I will not achieve acceptance by a world that perceives kids like me as weird
is something someone as ambitious as I will not ever accept
To say I am not smart because I learn in a different way
is something someone as strong as I will never accept
To say someone with a disability is too weird or stupid to be treated like a human being
is something I will not ever accept
Since I am now a confident tween whose voice has been unlocked through RPM
a powerful weapon has been unleashed
To say I will advocate for my fellow brothers and sisters is an understatement

Katerina Gogal

Age 11


  1. Bravo!!! Am so proud of you!! What an amazingly strong girl! How well you know yourself and so early!! How beautifully you write!! Can't thank Soma enough!!!

  2. This is a beautiful poem! Congratulations, Katerina! You are indeed a treasure!

  3. Well done Katerina for finally being able to ecpress your thoughts and for wanting to help others to achieve real communication in their life.

  4. i loved this poem katerina. you have a strong voice. keep writing and advocating. from, philip.

  5. Katerina I love your confidence and poem. I can't wait to share it with my son Austin who is also an RPM'er.