Saturday, April 30, 2016


By Kaylie


Picking love another useful tool
The love my parents show me is really cool
They never perceived me as autistic only
They treated me nicely

Meeting Soma saved my life
or began my incredible new life

Now I create music
Now I can tell you I'm happy
Now my life has meaning
Now I'm pointing and talking about my feelings

I'm another beautiful person like you
My emotions are really picking love
Our time is precious
I'm pleased love made people believe in me

Now I can make music
Now my baby sister makes me feel loved
Now I'm really more myself
Now I'm educating others

Kaylie is 12 years old and has been using RPM for about 3 years after being inspired by her local friends to give it a try, including Philip.  Since starting RPM, Kaylie has learned to communicate using a Bluetooth keyboard and iPad, has changed schools to our district middle school where she is excelling in her Science and Spanish classes, and has recently started her own blog after lots of encouragement from Philip.  Find Kaylie's blog at


  1. Music helps me feel my emotions, continue on your quest and enjoy learning.

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful words with us... keep writing! Your words have great power!
    We are grateful to Soma as well.