Friday, April 22, 2016

Autistics Deserve a Chance and a Change of Beautiful Heart

By Graciela

Gentle autistics have many feelings talked about in front of them as if they are not present. This must be recognized and stopped. Understanding the autistic experience is hard. Let me try to spell it our for you. I am happy to educate.

First thing you need to know is that autism is not a cognitive disorder. It is a motor based disorder. As a result we can fully understand everything that is being said around us or in front of us. This ought to be burned into everyone’s minds that cares for us. Understanding this one rule really would make a huge difference to our personal opinion of ourselves.

The next thing that must be understood is that life is harder for autistics because they are sensitive to many things that do not effect others as much. For example I am always sensitive to food and am always trying to find a food that does not upset my sensitive stomach. Another thing that is hard for me is the kind of love that is fake. I am able to see through each person’s facade to their core underneath. Have you ever been angry at someone and argued with that person? Have you ever decided to fake the resolution in order to get out of the argument? This is kind of how I feel around people who act like they love me and really do not. This creates really forced relationships that make me stressed to the max.

I understand each and every day that feelings get hurt but autistics have a harder, tougher time moving on. Life is hard for all of us but it is harder for the autistic who feels things so deeply. Getting massively overwhelmed is not an easy thing to deal with. People need to understand that we are not weird but our bodies are under a lot of stress and are hard to control because of the motor disorder.

Beautiful people want to learn more and are ready to get educated but always these people do not insist on learning from the autistic experts and often become miseducated and all confused. Attention must be put on the autistic experience in order for amazing results to happen.

I have formed many opinions about my life and am fortunate to have access to a means of communication that allows me to express myself. I also am always putting my opinions in practice with those who try to understand and love me for who I am. Maybe you can try to love an autistic too. Strength and courage is necessary to get many feelings of rejection put away forever. With more love and support in our lives we can have beautiful memories to keep when things are rough. Learning to love is a gift from God. Put it to good use. Making all of the autistics accepted members of society will make the world a better place for all to live.

Feelings people have currently towards autistics are not acceptable because people are not understanding. Life is too short not to enjoy it. So I am doing my part to raise awareness and promote acceptance for all autistics. Keep analytics out of the discussion and just listen to your heart.

Autism and autistics are here to stay. Putting the effort into education that hones the strengths of autistics is kind of people’s missing link. With better education we can play a bigger role in the world. We are smart and amazing individuals with a lot to offer. Give us a chance to save the world from bias and judgment. 

Graciela Lotharius is an autistic 12 year-old RPMer who enjoys daring others to listen to her powerful words. She is a lively girl who likes to learn and who feels strongly about finding a way to go to a school that will somehow have the ability to dare to keep up with her mind while also embracing her hard to control body. You can find out more about her at her blog Dare To Listen.  


  1. A beautiful story and one that I can relate to. Whilst I cannot tell sincerity from sarcasm or insincerity, I relate to the rest.

  2. What a wonderful education you are providing for those who know little about autism! Thank you.Graciela!

  3. So well spoken Graciela, thanks for sharing your heart and helping educate people.

  4. Much love & gratitude to you!!! 💛

  5. Thank you Graciela for your teachings.