Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wordsmith Jack

Today’s guest blogger is 13 year-old Jack Kelly from Bagenalstown, County Carlow Ireland.  He describes his speech as sounding like a radio all mixed up.  RPM has allowed him to communicate his true intentions.  Jack has been doing RPM for 2 and-a-half years.  He enjoys writing stories and poetry.  He and his family are so grateful to Soma, Erika, Amy, and Alex for helping him find his voice.  


Y esterday inside myself calls the little boy who could not speak. He was very sad because autism stole his very sound. Noise hurt his ears and made him angry causing hitting himself again and again.

E ducation has transformed my life and given that little boy inside myself a way to communicate.

S tolen voice now recovered the little boy inside myself speaks changing silence and sadness into happyness,  No looking back only forward .

T he world became a better place and I changed my mind about having autism because now I can communicate .

E ach time I meet someone with autism I wish they could tell their little child within about RPM . Noise is the worst thing people with autism have to process, children crying hurts me the most.

R eading out loud is very hard for me.  I can read best to myself. Very often people think I don’t actually know how to read.  The same with maths, I can do hard maths .

D ay after day I learned drills blindly, flash cards, choices each day like a robot stuck on a program.

A lmost  loosing myself gently, knowledge thoughts never acknowledged dreams called foolish.

Y esterday is gone, today is here I dream someday children with autism find a voice.

By Jack Kelly

Ireland stands alone in a sea of wild Atlantic waves her shores grown ragged by the unrelenting winds.
Rivers wind through her land from mountain springs to anglers delight as they look with anticipation at their rods waiting for a bite.
Eire she is called by her children in the native language with love and honor.
Land of saints and scholars dreamers and the young at heart.
At her heart is her people strong and proud.
Nations from around the world owe her thanks for giving them her children to build and serve them making them strong also.
Daylight breaks and beautiful ancient ruins are revealed and her history is brought to life, Irish history is woven with stories and fables of ancient times and generations of Irish people.

By Jack Kelly

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