Tuesday, April 5, 2016


By Fox

Friendship is so important to me. Before I learned RPM a friendship wasn't possible for me and I always felt lonely. Not feeling that way anymore. A friend is someone that understands you and likes doing things with you. Autism can make people afraid and angry with you. Autism can make people find you strange and can feel sad and lonely. Autism becomes an excuse for people to ignore you or treat you bad. Autism is not the problem. I find autism is very misunderstood. A lot of talkers think that talking from your mouth is the same skill as thinking, it is not. Naturally they forget that they can think without talking but don't give Autistics the benefit of the doubt. Am trying to show people that Autistics are all smart thinkers. I am a letter talker now and am making a lot of friends. I am still autistic but difference is that friendship is easier when communication is possible. Amazing to be able to talk to some of my friends and the others are learning RPM too so I look forward to talking with them in future. Amazingly fun to learn together. I am lucky and happy to have such great friends. A hope of mine is for all non-speaking Autistics to be taught RPM and find their group of friends.

Fox is 9 years old. He is autistic and talks with a letter board instead of his mouth. He has been talking since May 2014. He loves all learning and wants to be a scientist and poet when he grows up. He lives in Ontario with his family, two cats and his service dog Tetley. You can read more of Fox’s writing on his blog Fox Talks With Letters.

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