Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Growing Up

Guest Blog by Matthew Cuoccio 

Matthew is 25 and lives in Floral Park, NY with his family.  He is friends with another guest blogger Thomas Callahan.  Matthew's progress has been slow, and for awhile he had difficulty writing his thoughts, often just repeating what was said to him.  But his family kept working with him and bringing him to see Soma to help them progress at RPM.  During this past meeting with Soma,  his 4th time seeing her, Matthew decided he wanted to write about a movie.  
Matthew used the entire session to write his movie:

An old house is for sale.
A family moves in as tenants.
There are three children.
They have nice yard to play.
But they can see a small boy running in and out of their rooms.
But parents don’t see him.
They think children are making it up.
Then one night the children see this boy outside playing alone.
But when they go down to join him the boy is gone.
They grow up and look different.
But this boy doesn’t grow up.
Then they stop seeing him.
When we grow up we stop seeing many things.
The End

Soma then asks Matthew if this has happened to him. Has he stopped seeing things now that he has grown up?

“I don’t see colors around people.”


  1. We are so excited to be on this journey with you, Matt. Love your story and can't wait to hear more. Love from all the Callahans

  2. This is a very interesting movie...so excited you were able to share this with us, Matthew!