Thursday, April 7, 2016

Over a Year of Communication

Last year Em guest blogged the post "How RPM Helped My Verbal Child." Here is an update of her son Filbert's progress a year later.  

By Em

Over a year of Communication — OH how it has changed Filbert and our family!

We have been doing Rapid Prompting Method with Filbert for 14 months now! It is to amazing to finally, after 6.5 years, be able to communicate with him. It has changed so many things for us and for him. Here is a list of the highlights!!

He is doing all grade level academics or above and loving it!

We are reading interesting books together like the Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Frindle, How to Train Your Drain Your Dragon and many more!

He has been able to make a Christmas and birthday list — so amazing to know his interests!

He is open to many more activities like ice skating, roller skating and is a proud zoo member.

We have used Rapid Prompting Method principles to teach him to zip, button, crochet, vacuum, fold laundry, cut with scissors and other things — he really does his part with chores.

We talk to him age appropriately and he can cast his vote in restaurant choices, places to go and etc.

We joined a homeschool coop and he interacts with children his age and has spelled to communicate in front of his class a little.

He is a blossoming big brother, really attending to his toddler younger brother with care.

He is learning to wash dishes and make cookies — he prefers the cookies, lol.

He constantly expresses his love for God through spelling and that warms my heart to no end.

This month we celebrate the blessing of getting to know Filbert and look forward to how we will all grow as a family and community in the year to come.

 A shout out to Filbert’s team of RPM teachers, fine motor teacher, and gross motor teacher — it takes a town and we are abundantly surrounded by love.

Filbert is soon to be 8 years old and has been learning and communicating with RPM for 14 months. He loves potty talk, gross science lessons, watermelon, and lately bothering his little sister.  You can read more from Em and Filbert on their blog Takes a Town: Love Through Autism.

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