Monday, April 4, 2016

Red Aloud Silent e

"Being unable to speak offers up different perspective, I enjoy thinking of unique themes, enticing the right balance necessary to keep the reader embracing my words." -Austin McClendon

Red Aloud Silent e
By Austin McClendon

King vowel sounding block
Found red, lips locked
Born a short e
Growing an r and d
Now sitting silent e
Locked up without a key one lonely day.

Breaking loose was of a snap.
I'll say.

About the time he was two, really true, his color then completely blue. Some often looked at e, reflecting on so arrogantly, why can't you ever speak?

It possibly if really free, places impossible, possibilities, whether meaning to or not, glowing in a tot.

He couldn't ask, although finely tracked, many taking on his task. You got me going with math, any help sweet young lass?
The young lass,
just done with class,
in nice new red running shoes,
wasn't sure what to do.

Often coming in under, wanting more or true hunger, owing honor or deep in wonder, keeping dignity not asunder.

Oh, how he longed to be free.

Quite a while going along, each that he saw, sang the same song,

He didn't seem to realize right away
what he'd learned on that lonely day.

Then the swollen fear, growing inside, broke out his tears.
Upset he cried,
why oh why did this happen to me?

As easy as can be, faster than one to free, four little sighs released.
The vowel king, was innovative, in his son was fascinated, for he was born a short e, bright cute and real fun e.
Knowing inevitably,
as red learned to speak,
when willing to just reach,
by tapping on the keys
the gift opened up and loosed his defeat.

The vowel king merry man
heard e's pleas
and had a plan.
Just look inside and there is where e found his key.
Red or blue I still love you
and I still see your e.

Now you understand that e's speech is read.
Thank you for hearing me never make a sound.


Silent e

Austin McClendon is 16 years old and lives in Burleson, Texas. He has autism, and is visually impaired and nonverbal. He is homeschooled by his mom.  He communicates through the use of a letterboard and a keyboard with proloquo. He began RPM in 2011 but did not continue; he has recently resumed to help his keyboard skills. He has excellent receptive language and is a gifted writer with a unique style.  You can read more of Austin's writings on his blog at

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