Thursday, April 14, 2016


Guest Blog by Thomas

Thomas is 24 and lives on Long Island.  We have an amazing program here called Camp ANCHOR.  ANCHOR is a year round program for children and adults with special needs.  Thomas has been attending ANCHOR's summer camp for the past 12 years along with his two brothers who both started as volunteers.  Through writing with RPM he was able to let us know how much he loves camp and also send a message of thanks to all the kids who volunteer.

"Hey all you ANCHOR enthusiasts...with just one season away, it's time to get pumped for camp.  If Camp ANCHOR is the highlight of your summer, then 'like' this.  

There would not be Camp ANCHOR without the awesome volunteers.  You are very much appreciated.  This summer will be the best one yet.  I hope that you are pumped like I am.  Don't forget to be real and have high expectations.  We will have fun respecting one another and playing tricks on one another.  Don't be afraid of what you don't know and embrace all of the differences."


Thomas and a camp volunteer


  1. He is soooo amazing! Thank you Thomas for all your words of inspiration. Love The Siler Family xoxo

  2. Thinking about ANCHOR and summer makes me smile!

  3. I miss TC so much, such a phenomenal camper.