Monday, May 2, 2016

RPM Has Given Me a Voice

Video Blog by Christopher Finnes

Here is a short video message from Christopher Finnes in the UK for parents who are considering RPM (Rapid Prompting Method) for their child. Chris is aged 17 and is home schooled. He began RPM with Soma in 2011 and continues to work on his independant pointing and motor skills everyday. He is not yet able to independently type on a keyboard/Ipad but this is his long-term goal.  

His mum Sue says, "This has been a long journey for us, with many ups and downs, but I have been so inspired by what Chris has achieved using RPM that I felt I could not just keep this to myself. I know that there are thousands of children like my son- whose intelligence is being totally under-estimated, and who are judged by their outward behaviours. Lisa is doing a great job here sharing the writings of many of these children. There are not many RPM teachers worldwide so I decided I wanted specifically to help people to learn RPM, so I set up and moderate a very active international Facebook parent support group 'Unlocking Voices- Using RPM'  and also a not-for-profit company in the UK. My objective is to empower parents to learn how to use RPM with their children and so unlock their unheard voices.'

Sue and Christopher

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